Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A very belated Christmas knit

Since I stopped trying to frantically knit for every single person I know at Christmas (and yet I still knit two pairs of gift socks this year, how?) I've started a little tradition of knitting something for my greedy ol' self.  If I finish it in time I tuck it into my stocking and if I don't, I take pictures of it in progress to share here at Hugs.  SIGH

Of course it's socks.  And this year, as last, it's alpaca sleep socks.

(I say 'sleep socks' even though I don't sleep in them because alpaca is super warm and I would be waking up to tear them off at 2am... the distinction here is that socks knit with 100% alpaca feet are not hardy enough to stand up to boots or wood floors, so I use them instead for curling up on the sofa with a mug of hot something and a period costume drama on TV.)

There is never quite enough alpaca in one skein for me to make the size of socks I want, with a longish leg and a roomy foot, so I pair the alpaca with colour-friendly scrap yarn all down the legs.  I was so happy to find that this denim-shaded leftover DK weight superwash wool from Twisted Fiber Art matched the blue in the blue/yellow/cream alpaca because I knew they would look amazing together and they really do, don't you think?

The DK yarn is MUCH heavier than the alpaca but when used in small stripes like this the combination produces a nice textured effect that I think will feel nice on.  Doesn't hurt to have a generous cuff at the top either, for when you're pulling them over your foot on a chilly evening.

Sadly, my Christmas socks did not make it into my stocking or even my New Year's supper plate (I am kidding, I wouldn't put socks on the table.)  (if anybody was looking.) (I am still kidding.  what if they got peanut butter on them?  the horror!) 

At this rate they may end up being Valentine's socks!  But when they are done, I will be able to photograph them in some fetching scenario like I used to, because the house really is almost done now and all the floors are clear of boxes.  It's incredible to me that we started this journey - what, three years ago? - and in all this time I haven't been able to take photos of finished knits outdoors or even in very good light.  Or, frankly, finish many knits.

When I pulled out this sock to photograph for you the tails of all the stripe changes had plied themselves together into a big rope, which loosened for the camera but did not disappear.

Made me miss spinning so much!  Nearly there though.  I can tell the renovation is almost done because I have noticed a distinct drop in the number of decisions I'm required to make in a day.  The biggest one on Sunday for example was just whether or not to let Gwen have a turn with the needles.

Hope you are having a good week so far and I will see you tomorrow!

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