Thursday, January 18, 2018

Another cold winter

Thankfully this is no longer true inside our house but MAN is it cold most days now.  I know, I know, it's January and it's Toronto so of course it's going to be cold, but still.  Every day I wish I hadn't dropped one of my gloves at the grocery store checkout last fall, because I still haven't found a pair I like to replace them.  Thank goodness I got obsessed with making twined mittens a few years back!

This year at the Royal Winter Fair I also treated myself to a machine-knit alpaca toque.  It was black and white, what's not to love?  I have been able to wear it with my giant red parka, my fluffy black poncho, and even my stately black dress coat and it works every time.  Also: it is warm.

We are still getting used to how things work and flow in the new/old house.  One thing I am loving is the views out the upstairs windows.  I get to see so many things now that I couldn't when the house was still a bungalow!

Here is part of our neighbours' little roof, dusted with snow...

And here is our own porch roof, ditto...

Just so pretty.

As long as I'm inside and warm.

I kid!  It's nice to be outside in this stuff too, especially when you know you're getting inside and warm, later.  I'm not so winter-friendly as to ski or skate but I do love walking through snow and even shoveling it, given enough time and zero ice.  Because falling and breaking bones is no fun at all and I would very much like to avoid it this winter.

Staying inside, I am getting more time to write than if I were outside trying to create a garden out of the sea of muck that is our back yard.  And getting time to write is HEAVEN, for me.  I did a tally and realized I have five novels - five! - that I do not hate and that have a good chunk of the work done already.  That is far too many to have in play at one time but I suppose I have picked up bad habits from multiple simultaneous knitting projects.

How about you?  Is it cold where you are right now, and do you have any special things you like about that?

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