Saturday, January 13, 2024

Are you sitting down

I hope you're not popping over to Hugs already in a state of overexcitement because...

I finished these socks!! (okay, I still have to run in some ends, but we're basically there.) And they are comfortable and feel the same even though I cast on one of them with one too few stitches, didn't realize it till I got to the heel flap, agonized for years about how to handle this before ripping back up to the end of the ribbing (I wasn't going to risk casting on all over again) and adding in a stitch before continuing on my by-now very lumpy way.

So glad the yarn is toasty warm wool because that's snow on the deck, not icing sugar from a donut. 

Over on Instagram there is a lot of talk among avid readers about the infamous TBR or To Be Read pile, which yarny people will recognize as The Stash. As in, I'm only going to read (knit) from my TBR (stash) this year, or These are the books (patterns) I plan to read (knit) this year from my TBR (stash). So many dreams!

In the end I had to think about my knitty goals for 2024 and it was a no brainer: finish some projects. Maybe even finish ALL the projects sitting in bags on the shelf by my favourite chair. There are a couple of hats, another pair of decision socks where I cast on too few stitches, and some other stuff I can't even remember now because it's been so long since I've dared to peek inside.


Even as they post their TBR dreams I'm pretty sure my fellow readers at Instagram know they may not pull it all off. I know I'm not going to finish all of my projects by deciding I will, either. I mean, ripping out two whole socks and starting over?? and for one of the hats I have to make a braid from three long strips of yarn. Obstacles, I am telling you.

But I did finish knitting the re-cast sock, completing the pair and freeing up needles and a project bag. And we're not even halfway through January yet! 

I'm calling it a win. 

Yeah, that sock on the right is pretty lumpy in the leg.
Hopefully they'll look a little more like each other once I've blocked 'em.

Do you have knitting goals for this year?

Well that's it for me today. I'm done in by the shock of *finishing* something. Hope you have a lovely weekend even if, as here, it is snowy and very cold. Thanks for sharing a little time with me and I hope to see you again next Saturday!

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