Saturday, January 20, 2024

Hello and no

I totally forgot to bring my amaryllis out from the dark before Christmas, and I wasn't sure how it would do when I finally thought of it a week or so ago. But look!

I was so in love with this plant last winter - the flowers were punchy but the GREEN BITS! They were so tall and silky and spongy, I ended up keeping it in the window for ages until all the strength went out of them and they fell away. It was my favourite stage, once the flowers were done. Maybe a life lesson in there... showy is great, but steadfastness is greater?

Either way, it's nice to see something emerging into the world with optimism when everything outside is Cold Snap. 

I've been using the Cold Snap to double down on staying in and writing at a fiendish pace. I wasn't trying to go farther with my current project, but deeper, the better to set themes and voices for the pages to come. I love doing that and it is much easier work when there are no social obligations or errands to run, or when those things can be put off because nobody else wants to be out either unless they half to.

In other words, January is my favourite month, ha! A bond I share, improbably, with skiers.

It's probably the only one. I considered going out for a walk today to celebrate getting a chunk of work done yesterday, and...


No. Tomorrow will do just as well, when the Snap snaps and takes the frostbite risk with it.

Hope you've been able to stay safe and warm this week - thank you for stopping by today and I'll see you next Saturday!

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