Saturday, January 27, 2024

Someone had a busy week

Check out the stems on my amaryllis friend!

Compared to last Saturday, that's amazing. Especially since we had about 10 minutes of sun this past week, and not all at once either. 

On the other hand, this onion that's spent a little too much time in a dark cold space managed to put out some pretty impressive greenery too. I decided to shift it to a sunny window to see what happens. 

Love the deep purple / fresh green colour combo. Am I wrong to think of fingerless mitts, looking at this closeup? 

Regardless, here are some fingerless mitts that are getting good use this winter, albeit with a pair of fleecy gloves underneath. If it's not cold enough for twined mitts, this is what I'm wearing. 

I handspun the yarn for these years ago, and knit them not long afterward. I still can't believe I got all the singles even enough to make something functional! I used the Ferryboat Mitts pattern from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas... my goodness, I love the whole aesthetic of their patterns, and they're so clearly written too. I made so many pairs of their Turkish Bed Socks when I was a perpetual knitting machine. I wonder if I need a new pair? 

The answer is Yes, naturally, but not till I get this new manuscript finished, so I'd best be off and make some progress on that. I hope you have a lovely weekend and as always, thank you for joining me for part of it! See you next Saturday.

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