Saturday, February 3, 2024

There is knitting I promise

 ... but first, check out how well Amy is doing this week!

I know, I could come up with a more original name if I tried even the tiniest bit. But isn't she adorable? I wonder if next week I'll have a bloom to show you.

Okay so last night I settled in to watch a movie and thought I'd cast on new socks since I had grafted the toes on the previous pair. However, when I hunted up my needles I discovered some socks were still on them. Socks I had completely forgotten existed. So I finished one of them. Yesssss!

Sidebar: this is the beginning of February
and there is no snow or ice on our deck
which makes me wonder what the rest of this winter
is saving up for us

I still have to graft the toe on this sock. Meh, it'll keep. It's so much easier to graft two socks at once after all, and lookit:

The second sock is pretty close to its toe decreases!

And it's only the start of February, which means I'm staying on track to finish my various works in progress at a pace of one a month. Maybe, given my track record of late, this is too much to hope for. But if I can get even this one additional pair of cheery socks in play that's pretty good, don't you think?


Hope you got something satisfying accomplished this week as well. I have quite a bit more on my list so I'm going to wander off now, but thank you again for joining me and I look forward to seeing you next Saturday. With luck, there might even be a bloom at the top of the page. And... cue me rubbing my hands in delight.




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