Saturday, February 17, 2024

Two down and a lot to go

It's February, and I've just finished a second project from my possibly five-year-old pile of in-progress knits! You might almost see a pattern forming here.

Probably I can't keep this up all year, or even until the In Progress pile has diminished. But it was nice to graft the toes on these socks and free up my needles. Maybe sometime in the next couple of weeks I'll get to run in the ends, and everything.

You may be wondering whether I gave in and cast on my friend's Present socks, or snuck over to the ones for me? Or not. Either way, the answer is:

I was good, and am now knitting a Present. 

I kind of regret my selflessness because these are really Halloween socks, with stripes in black, grey, red, purple, and orange. Hopefully they won't take me all spring to knit and I can still get in some of the socks for myself, to knit in the sun.

Anyway I'm glad to have another clear run of legs to knit because I've started being excited about Thursday nights, when Murder She Wrote is quickly followed by Columbo. I feel so nostalgic for these old shows at the moment and enjoy all the wonderful outfits and backdrops and cars. Technically not that different from today but let's face it, it was a different world.

Ready for the really big news? Amy bloomed this week!

Not quite in time for Valentine's Day, but perfectly so for Half Price Valentine's Chocolate Day which is frankly my preferred holiday. Isn't she beautiful? To think that six weeks ago she was just a pot of dirt and a dead bulb in a bag in the basement. 

I trust you have a lovely weekend lined up? I am going to be at my desk, working very hard, but I have fresh new socks to look forward to knitting at night and that's something, isn't it.


Thanks for coming by again this week and I look forward to seeing you next Saturday!

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