Saturday, February 10, 2024

Oh look sock yarn

I finished the second sock of the pair I showed you last week, but I haven't grafted the toes. Do you delay that sort of thing, I wonder? I find I need a total zen state to do kitchener stitch, with nobody around for the ten or so critical minutes it takes to start and finish. I'd better hurry up though because I have two sets of sock yarn I could be casting on and enjoying if only I had needles available. Behold, socks-to-be:

If I were a responsible generous knitter I would cast on the ones with the purple stripes and knit them up for my friend Jan, to whom I have given a pair of socks every Christmas for many years (except last year, when my knitting crawled almost to a halt and I really couldn't produce a whole pair in time.)

Probably I will do that. I'm so tempted to start with the other pair, though. The stripes on it look super cheery for springtime knitting, even if they wouldn't appeal to Jan.

I should also mention how weird it is that I was able to take these photographs on our back deck in February, where we normally have several inches of now piled up. Hmmm. Maybe it's better if I don't mention that.

It wouldn't be so bad knitting black and grey and orange and red and purple stripes in February, really. 

Maybe it would be equally not so bad to rush through black and white and orange and turquoise and acid green for spring, so as to finish a second pair of socks by December. 

Either way, I've got to get the current socks good and grafted. I guess when I'm finally done that, I could toss a coin?

Here's something that requires zero decision-making and lots of excitement and admiration: Amy's about to bloom! 


You thought you were going go get through a whole post without seeing my amaryllis, didn't you. But I'm committed now to sharing her journey from forgotten basement bulb to pretty flower companion, so here we are.

I hope you have a lovely weekend lined up. You know what I'd like to be doing? Putting a fresh coat of paint on a room, or building a custom bookshelf. I don't need to do either of these things (or have space for another bookshelf) but I am weirdly missing fix-it-up weekends and enthusiasm for same. This from the girl who can't make time to graft a sock toe.

Whatever your arrangements - thank you so much for dropping by to visit, and I hope to see you again next Saturday!

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