Friday, May 22, 2009

Spinning with a twist

Kathleen Taylor tells me that spinning with really, really fabulous roving is a good idea even when (especially when?) you are new to spinning and pretty much a disaster at it, because the beauty of the fiber will inspire you to keep going.

So I did some spinning with some very precious roving from Twisted Fiber Art. I've been dreaming of buying yarn in the Netherfield colourway but the roving came up first so I snapped it up and...

... okay, I will confess to being less in love than expected when I saw all those blocks of bold colour. In fact I felt pretty cavalier about untying the braid and getting to work with my spindle.

Oh me of little faith.

The colours are emerging even more beautifully than I imagined when I placed my order. As I pull the fibers apart to spin them, the dyes are rearranged a little, with greens blending into pinks and reds and browns so that the drift of colour from one inch to the next is both subtle and soothing.

And even my lousy spinning skills can't ruin the fiber itself - lush and pillowy and smooth. In my sleep-deprived state I can think only to compare it to whipped butter, if butter were a little fuzzy. In which case I suppose you would recoil from considering it to be anything like butter, so you'll have to use your imagination.


Anonymous said...

Butter that colour? (Just don't make a sandwich with it!)

Kathleen Taylor said...

told ya so