Thursday, May 28, 2009

What I learned from socks

Pretty shells and sporty ribbed stripes don't always make a good match.

Even though it's faster (technically) to ladder down to a mistake stitch and weave it back up correctly, when the yarn is fabulous it's more fun to rip back and knit over.

Little green Tupperware cylinder tubs make really, really good knitting caddies for mittens and socks. They even stack nicely, considering all those needles sticking up out of them.

Socks are more work than mittens, but if you're using really awesome sock yarn you can get excited about them all over again by trying them on.

It's maybe a good idea to use really awesome sock yarn for mittens. I will be looking into this in a big way as soon as these socks are done. (But maybe feet are just more receptive to the yumminess of really awesome sock yarn than hands would be, what with all the manual labour and sun exposure and all.)

Two bad things to do the night before a tough day: staying up late to read books, and staying up late to knit one more row.

If I can turn a sock heel, there isn't much knitwise I can't do.


Anonymous said...

Please see comment on other blog. I think that green thing would look *just great* on your nice desk with tea in it ;-)

Kathleen Taylor said...

Sorry the ribs and shells didn't work together- I thought that they would.

Sock yarn for mittens is a fantastic pairing. I think socks are far easier than mittens (no thumbs on feet...)

And yes, you can knit anything!

Mary Keenan said...

That thumb technique on the new mittens I'm doing though... soooo easy!

I thought the shells and stripes would have worked too and maybe I would have gone on with them if the stitch sequence had worked better with the uber-pointy ChiaGoos. In the end I decided to let the stripes do the patterning for me - they're intense enough for anything - and try the shells another time. Like, after my KnitPicks needles come in ;^)