Friday, August 28, 2009

Alpaca goodness


or roving (from a charming alpaca called Vixen)?

Let's just say you don't want to go slicing up this loaf and slapping butter on it.

I bought rather a lot of alpaca yarn at Alpaca Acres as well, and I've already wound one skein into a ball because it was so touchable, even though I am in deadline city again.

Top right corner: 320 yards of 2-ply from Madison, the mother of the baby alpaca I saw being born this week. Three guesses why I couldn't leave the shop without this particular skein!

Clockwise down to the middle: 350 yards of 2-ply lace from Dusty. This is the skein I've already wound and knit a swatch for. It is... unbeLIEVably soft. I am blinking trying to think of a better definition but unbelievable sums it up so perfectly, I'll leave it be. If you're looking for soft, this is the yarn you want.

Ohhh, another favourite: 340 yards of 2-ply black lace from Tia with just 1% silk added. Even that tiny bit adds a sheen! This one is gorgeous and I have evil plans for it, which puts us at three for three so far.

Make that four for four, with the one on the bottom left. This one is Lopi! from Bently, who is another absolute softy. It's just 100 yards but that's plenty for the design that popped into my head the moment I reached out and touched it in Ann's shop. I cannot wait to get going on it.

Left middle: a 340 yard collaboration between Jeni and Jesse. I don't actually know yet what I'm doing with this one but I take that as a blessing, since I can't really knit five projects at once.

Or can I? The top left corner is the 550 yards of fingering from Emy that I am thinking is perfect for a shawl. I don't have a shawl because I don't expect I'd ever wear one, but there is something compelling about all the gorgeous finished and blocked shawls everybody posts droolable pictures of. Maybe I was just holding out for this gorgeous pillow of a skein?

One thing I do know: this is going to be a very knitty weekend.

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Kathleen Taylor said...

oooohhhhhhh..... alpaca......
beautiful beautiful beautiful.

And are you going to spin the loaf????

As for shawls, I took one to the Sock Summit, and by cracky I wore it,and it was comfortable and warm (nice in that cold convention center), and I intend to wear it again.