Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hooray for library fines!

Yesterday I finally got into the library to renew my card and take care of the fines for some books I pushed through the night drop slot on my way out of town - a few days late, because of my being so sick last month. And while I was there, naturally I had to check out the knitting section to see whether there was anything new to me on the shelves. Reversible Two-Colour Knitting caught my eye and I decided to borrow it.


When the librarian got to that particular volume she said, "Oh, this one's been withdrawn." And I was pretty tired, so it took me a minute to realize what that meant, but when I did I asked, "Does that mean I can just buy it?"

"Sure," my supremely wonderful librarian said. "It'd be a dollar."

"Great", I said, mentally clicking my heels in the air for having the foresight to accumulate overdue fines and bring cash along to the library, something I almost never do.

When I got home I checked and - yep, it's hard to come by, and that's a shame. I'm not doing anything in two colours at the moment, but when I do I'll be leaning heavily on this baby.

Now if only I had such luck with The Principles of Knitting... because I spent the rest of yesterday hunting up notes on how to make the biggest, roundest eyelet without any luck at all and I know for a fact that information is tucked into its pages. Oh well, it's my turn again in another two months or so.

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Kathleen Taylor said...

I picked up a set of early edition P.G. Wodehouse books the same way. Our wonderful librarian set them aside for me because I was the only one who ever checked them out.

I love libraries.