Monday, August 17, 2009

In the pink

My mother reached an impressive age last week - so impressive that when she says she doesn't need a thing, she really doesn't. Except possibly an eyeglass case so bright she can't fail to find it whenever she wants to do some reading or crocheting.

This is good news: around Thursday at suppertime I glanced at the calendar and realized the exceptionally beautiful things I had bought online for her weren't going to arrive before I saw her for lunch on Saturday, because for some reason I never get mail on a fine Friday in summer, and then get rather a lot the following Monday. H'mmmmm.

Fortunately, I had a lead on a nice ergonomic crochet hook in a size she uses a lot, and my stash yielded some nice felting wool and some reasonably coordinate-y sock yarn. Bonus: the felting sized it down perfectly on the first try, even though I didn't have time to test a swatch while scrawling out a pattern on the back of the notes for another project-in-process.

I'm not entirely certain about the swirls, but they were fun to do, and she liked them. I added a pocket at the back to hold a crochet hook or a pen.

I'm thinking about another little variation on the closure that might be cool, too. Either way, I'll get the pattern up here in the next week or two, depending on how the current crisis knitting goes. Good wishes welcome on that front, by the way!

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Kathleen Taylor said...

Love it!!! And the swirlies are perfect!