Friday, August 14, 2009

Lantern Moon swoon

I'm in the middle of another rush job (aka last-minute birthday present) that required a frantic trip last night to an LYS I sourced through KnitMap. Rave reviews, and not impossibly distant, and they had one left of the very thing I needed.

In fact, the only reason Creative Yarns was open late enough for me to rush in was that it was Stitch n' Bitch night, and OH how I wished I could stay, because it looked so cosy around the sofas and everybody was so friendly. While the ladies worked away with needles and a spinning wheel (drool), I poked around and marveled generally at yarns I'd never seen before and now can't remember the names of.

And then I spotted a basket of half-price Lantern Moon needles.

How could I say no? And having gone that far, how could I resist the summer issue of Piecework? I love the simplicity of this magazine and the unusual worlds to which it introduces me. And those wristlets (more drool).

But the other big story is those River John needles I bought last week. I used them for the current last-minute present (I'll post the free pattern next week) and WOWZA. They are the lightest, smoothest, most perfectly-tipped needles I have ever used. I want more. Even though I just covered about every remaining needle requirement with this new lot.


Anonymous said...

I can solve that problem for you: look into my eyes; your eyelids are getting heavy; send me all your spare once...

Mary Keenan said...

Done and done! As soon as I get the big needle organization and purge done, arg ;^)