Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Not waiting

My normal setting is to work first, then play, but this summer I'm making a conscious effort to Not Wait.  All those things I spent the winter dreaming of doing when the weather got better and the pace eased up?  I'm just doing them. I'm not worrying about the fact that the porch needs another scrape and paint, or that my trusty Adirondack chairs are begging for a fresh coat of stain - those projects will sort themselves out later. Right now, it's summer, and I'm going to enjoy it.

Okay, I'm still putting work before play, but my mindset is a bit different. I'm just very, very aware of how lucky I am to be in a time and place of perfect summer weather, and I'm taking my spinning and knitting outside. My house has always reminded me of a sweet little cottage and this year I'm treating it like one - a place where you are just happy, even if you're doing a lot of little houseworky chores like washing the dishes or throwing in laundry.  (The washing the dishes part is made even more quaint at the moment by the fact that the dishwasher went bust a few days ago and I can't get to the appliance store till tonight; when the new one does come in, I plan to be cottagey by using my rediscovered counter space for baking homey treats.)

This picture of one of the Tavener socks in progress captures my feeling, I think:

Just sundrenched.  And all that stuff past the heel?  (they're both past the heel now, by the way)  Knit at a neighbourhood barbeque.  Bliss, I tells ya.  Hope you're having some of the same.

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