Thursday, July 7, 2011

Take it outside

I am so enjoying spinning for the Tour de Fleece, possibly because I haven't done any of it in the house.

On Monday, I spun singles from the last of the Twisted Fiber Art club roving I started on my spindle before Christmas:

... and then on Tuesday, when I was out all day and had to bring my spindle, I spun the fluffy green wool I bought in Kitchener last September...

I just love this photograph.  I really, really do.  And the green stuff - the bag is marked 'carded wool' and cost just $6 for 100g - is an absolute dream to draft.  It's incredibly difficult to resist going on with it but I have to, because I will be out of town for a few days over the Tour and I've gotta ration my easy-to-spindle fibers.

Yesterday I plied the singles from Monday, using my idea for threading the ends out of sealable plastic bags and wowza, it was great!

After some experimentation I found the best thing was to sit the bags in my lap and with my left hand index finger keep the strands separate until my right hand fingers and thumb were ready to draw them forward. They had nothing to tangle on, and no time even to look at each other before I wound them together; also, I was able to stretch out the twistier strand at any given point, to match the length of the other.  Well, in theory; a few supertwists did get through though they don't show here.

Anyway, it's a lot cheaper and way more compact than a freestanding Lazy Kate - plus, I can do as many plies as ever I please, once I can spin fine enough singles.

Today I'm going to do more of this.

It's Polwarth, also purchased in Kitchener last September. I thought I might need a change from my Twisted superwash merinos.  The dye isn't completely set so my fingers were dark grey when I was done, but ohhhh was it worth it.

Hope your day has lots of outside in it too!

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