Friday, July 8, 2011

The want list

June and July have been incredibly expensive months, so naturally I have been wanting to buy crafty things.  Seriously: I thought treating myself to a no-holds-barred order from Twisted Fiber Art would be the big indulgence of the year, but then bigger things popped up, culminating in a total breakdown of the dishwasher.

Ten minutes after the new one was installed I compared its cost with the dollar value of the time I might spend washing dishes in day, even at my highest-ever wage.  I had really better enjoy the knitting time this purchase bought me because dang. That woulda been a lot of delicious fiber.

Since the dishwasher requires me to exercise unprecedented levels of self-restraint, I thought I'd share the Wants that are torturing me.  Maybe somebody else will enjoy treating themselves as much as I would and I can enjoy them vicariously.

First up: Biscotte et Cie is offering a kit for Harry Potter socks - Professor Slughorn socks, to be precise (scroll down at the link to see them.)  The kit features Felix yarn, yer basic superwash merino/nylon blend, which I can attest to being not remotely basic when knit with. It's suuuuuuch faaaaaabulous yarn.

And while I have a few skeins of Felix left in my stash and could compensate by knitting with two colours of some of them, I wouldn't have socks made with yarn called 'Parchment.'  So even though I have 12 pairs of socks to knit this year already, I can't stop thinking about this kit.  I look at my e-mail about it every day.  I think I have to have this kit. GAH. 

Next up: it occurred to me I might possibly run out of fiber before the end of the Tour de Fleece, and I'm not sure whether I will be in close proximity over the next couple of weeks to fiber for sale (of course I will, but obviously my brain needs excuses to let me shop) so I went to Etsy to look at the pretty pictures and - whoa

every time I saw colours that made me reach out to the screen with a grabbing motion, they turned out to be from Two Sisters Stringworks.  Indulge me and just click on that link and tell me I'm crazy whydontcha.  And it's not just the colours - the actual fibers are unusual and interesting. The only thing stopping me from ordering both Pond Scum and One Dreamed of Oranges is the knowledge that shipping from Vancouver is ugly. Oh, and that dishwasher thing. Urrrrggggghhhhh.

Topping it off: my KnitPicks catalogue arrived yesterday.  How long is it since the mail strike ended and I still don't have my 3+ missing issues of The New Yorker?  but I get catalogues aplenty. Anyway I looked at this one and stopped in my tracks at the sight of...

... the new Chic-a bags.  Okay, we have long since established my deep and abiding love for all bags Tinyhappy, hand made and full of positive energy, but what you may not know that I am a complete sucker for big bright 50s kitcheny prints.  I just, wow.  Love those bags.  Totally impractical for me because I have (almost) more bags than I can use. but.  Did they put catnip on those pictures or something?? I can't stop looking.

Okay, I'm going to take a walk: just linking that stuff for you guys has me all twitchy. Or maybe I should unload the dishwasher?

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