Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Saving graces

Here is a good thing about knitting: you can be anywhere in any situation and find somebody to obsess with about it and they don't remotely think of you as crazy.  Which is really very useful when you have just said goodbye for the last time to somebody who is dying after months in the hospital.

Yep, about an hour after doing that last week, while still in an extraordinarily surreal place, I found myself near the knitting magazine section of a bookstore next to a woman who was looking over the titles with a copy of Kathi's Fearless Fair Isle Knitting under her arm.  I didn't think twice about talking to her.

Me: You know what, my friend wrote that book and I knit one of the samples for it.  Do you want to see which one?

Her: YES.

Then we talked for a bit about the whole fiber thing - she is seriously into weaving, which puts her into the same supply stores I frequent, which led to some enthusiastic drooling over supply stores - and then I moved on and thought Wow, I didn't have to think for about four whole minutes there!

I must say it is hard for me at least to spin while grieving, so I haven't done as much with the Tour de Fleece as I wanted.  But I am spinning.  And knitting.  Mostly things inspired by this whole long ordeal.  At the funeral people kept asking me what I am writing now and I said, A blog, and knitting patterns.  And I actually felt pretty pleased I was able to answer that much.

Posting will be a bit sketchy this week as I'm having to work on a laptop with the world's tiniest keyboard and for some reason photographs are being difficult to upload too - could this be the universe telling me to take a break already? - but I will check in again in a day or two. 

In the meantime I hope you are all well and doing lots of crazy things with yarn shopping and crafty overcommitment generally, because honestly: is there anything better, short of ice cream?

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