Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas knitting progress report

I almost called this entry 'No Knitting' because I have caught myself several times this week just collapsed on the sofa with nothing in my hands, staring at something on the TV that isn't even very interesting.

I think I must be tired?

However: I did knit a little on three different things yesterday - SuperSecret ScarfyThing while commuting for errands (during which yes, I bought myself another eccentric dress; something must be very wrong with me), alpaca socks while waiting for Hannah to come over, then Hannah's Christmas hat after she was gone.

Illustration of tiredness: Hannah's presents become so much an autopilot go-to knit, I had to actually allow myself the indulgence of working on the socks, totally forgetting that I ought not to be caught knitting somebody's gift by that very somebody.  Yeesh.

Without further ado:

First Hannah-mitt finished on November 12

Second Hannah-mitt started on November 13

Second Hannah-mitt finished on November 14

(and no, I haven't run in the ends yet.  or fully accepted the fact that somehow I managed to make the mitts marginally different in width.)  Hannah hat started on November 15

... and continued on November 16

... and continuing today, though I'm pretty sure I'm near the end.  I had hoped to be finished a gift every day or two till I'm done, and I'm counting a single mitt as a gift because I can, so I think I'm still on track.  But I'm gonna have to get over the tired thing, and soon.  Criminy!

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