Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Copenhagen Hat

Whew! It's always such a relief when I can finally show and tell the secret stuff I've been working on, in this case from last spring.

Interweave very kindly accepted this idea for the 2011 Accessories issue, which I must say looks amazing - check out the preview, or if you're a Raveler, the Ravelry page!  I just love the handwarmers on the cover, and there's a cool headband pattern that must knit up in a couple of hours (aka, perfect project for those of us who are gift-challenged at the moment.)  There are more pictures of my hat here.

I knit this hat so many times on the bus to and from visits with my mum.  First it was too wide, then it was less too wide, and the whole time it was insanely convenient to work away at even while walking between connections. 

I played with the buttonholes forever and came up with a technique that produces an unambigous opening your button can't miss - and then we had to figure out how to describe it so it sounds just as fuss-free as it really is. 

And all that knit and purl - well, I rigged it in the part that's worked flat so it's as much knit as can be, because I'm nice (read: lazy).  Bonus moment: it just folds itself in at the back instead of pushing itself off your head when you turn or raise your shoulders.

The point of the idea, for me, was to have working buttons that let you play with how low it goes over your eyes or ear by slipping a hole over a higher button, or leaving some undone.

But once it was done I loved even more how it just plops down over your head like a blanket and doesn't muss your hair.

And really: Rowan Felted Tweed?  it produces the yummiest, supple fabric for not a lot of money, which is hard not to get excited about - especially when you only need one skein.

(which is how much I have stashed, in grey... should I make another of these so I have two?)


Sel and Poivre said...

Congratulations Mary!

You should wear that hat in the upcoming DKC fashion show - what a great example of the great knitting talent here in Toronto!

(Plus if you did go, then I would also get to see it up close and in person!)

Kathleen Taylor said...

Brava! It's gorgeous, Maire!

Valéria Garcia said...

Wow, it's so beautifull!!!