Monday, November 28, 2011

Please knit now

Check out this WWII postcard my cousin sent me from England:

It says, 'Our Jungle Fighters Want Socks' and 'For information, patterns and wool contact...'

Okay, so I would feel a lot better if I were actually knitting for soldiers but the postcard did make me feel a little better about working on socks instead of Christmas presents.

Sorry about the painful-looking bend on that one foot.  I just really wanted to show off the toe.

As you can see I've gotten rather a long way with these alpaca lovelies.  And the heels come pretty close to matching up in spite of my not having tried too hard to start at the same point in the contrasting yarn's purple stripe. It's leftover Duchess yarn from Twisted Fiber Art, in the club-specific Dusk colourway.  I might even be able to squeeze some into a third pair of socks, but I'll have to keep you posted on that one.  I think the colours go together all right here, don't you?

Having come this far I could easily finish these socks today but... you know.  I'm supposed to be knitting Christmas presents.  (and tomorrow will do just as well I'm sure.)

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Emily said...

I love that postcard! What a find!