Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Glamour shots: blue Christmas socks

There hasn't been much sun around my place lately, but how much natural light do you need to showcase natural good cheer?

(plus a snowman.)

I'm so happy I made these socks, and made them so very fast.

They're just warm and happy, and who doesn't need that, especially when up to one's nose in wrapping and tags and all sorts of everything holiday?

(except holiday candy, which I really need to get on the job about because hello, candy?)

Yep, it was a great idea to take time out from anything that would have gotten me ready for Christmas so that I can frantically try to reach the finish line in great-looking Christmas socks.

And speaking of which - the frantic part - it's time for be to begin a particularly crazypants day.  With luck it will include not just exercise and a post office run, but also some photography (yep, I finished the newest hat!) and some wrapping and oh golly wouldn't it be nice if I were able to wind some more yarn into cakes and/or cast on something new?  I mean, you gotta put the pants into crazypants somehow.

Random joke of the day:

What colour is the North Wind?


Okay, that's me off and out the door.  Have a great day - I'll see you tomorrow!

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justmeandtwo said...

That first picture brought an instant, huge grin to my face! Your socks are so much fun and look warm and cosy. I hope you have a great day and thanks for making mine better every day!