Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Knitting socks for somebody else

Ugh, the guilt was too much: I just couldn't go on knitting endless socks for me when Christmas is so imminent and the feet of some small people I know are getting so cold.

Actually there's some sneakiness mixed with the guilt.  Knitting socks for a small person is just as much 'selfless knitting' as knitting socks for a large person, while taking less time away from knitting socks for me. Ha!

The catch

I have two sock-worthy young friends and I can't knit for just one of them. 

The luck

I had not one but two skeins of club yarn from Knitterly Things that I know I will never ever knit up for my own use because they are predominantly dark blue with yellow.

The ultra-luck

Both young people like both of these yarns.

The surprise

Both young people turn out to have feet almost as long as mine, so that even though I was able to cast on fewer stitches, I'm going to have to knit almost as many rounds in the leg and in the foot to pull this off.  Four times, for four feet.  Foiled!

The added complication

I can't not deliver these for Christmas, can I.  I mean, I'm just not going to be motivated after the day has passed, no matter how many heavy snowstorms or elaborate sledding outings pile on the gift-knitting guilt.

The progress

Sock number one:

Sock number two:

Sock numbers three and four:

...still in the skein, waiting to be caked and cast on.  Gotta work on my speed knitting, I guess.

And while I'm doing that, I will be sending out a hope that my fellow knitters are getting in at least a little personal knitting time today.  Have fun either way, and I'll see you tomorrow!

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