Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Handspun hat: finished

I finished the hat I made to match my twined mitts, and I think I love it...

... but I'm not 100% sure.

Things I know:

Handspun yarn is really amazing to work with.  The mitts and this hat are the first projects I've made with yarn I spun and which pretty much holds its gauge instead of wobbling all over from bulky to laceweight, and I am unquestionably in love with the airiness and the gentle colour shifts that go with this particular batch.

The hat came out exactly the way I hoped it would, which is to say, with at least a tiny bit of yarn to spare (I figure I made it with 20 yards left over) and looking not unlike a 1920s big-at-the-top style.

This is gonna be a seriously warm hat.

The hat will not crush my hair.

I am pretty happy with how long it took me to make and affix a black felt button to finish it off

(20 minutes, including digging through a bag of felted wool to find some in black.)

It is a huge relief to have this hat done and ready for today's cold snap.

Even if it looks dorky on me (you may notice I have not included a front view here) if I have to wear this hat for warmth, I am gonna wear it with pride, because I hate being cold a lot more than I love not looking dorky.

(and it works okay with my new cowl, but just in case, I just finished a second hat to match that.  A hat which I might add I would chicken out and wear today, if it had managed to dry overnight, sigh.)

Hope you are warm and cosy wherever you are today - see you tomorrow!

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