Friday, December 21, 2012

Snapshots of a sensible knitter's Christmas

La la la, Christmas is almost here, and my house is a complete mess.  Also: the tree is not up, and the space where it goes is filled with a sewing machine, which I can't move until I free it from the Things I'm still supposed to wrap or use for said wrapping.  (Oh, and the spinning wheel, which I'm hoping I can sneak in some time with if I leave it out long enough.)

On the upside, the stuff going out the door or into place is charming, even if I did knit a lot less than usual this year.

I am in love with all that red and white, aren't you?  It's the result of my going a little crazy for Japanese masking tape on Etsy. 

Disclaimer: some of the stuff I bought turns out to have been old and no longer adhesive, grrrr.  But that red squiggly roll was perfect.

I bought fancy clementines with the leaves still attached from a super-posh grocery, then supplemented with regular un-stemmed fruit.  It's all pretty as far as I'm concerned... and so yummy!

Carol's slippers!  I can't believe the stripes lined up in the end.  Bonus: they fit her.  I should really knit Carol  some actual socks because she has the tiniest feet of anybody I know (and maybe if I did she would stop making me do quite so many abdominal exercises every time I go to her gym.)

Brown paper lunch bags and bright red sock yarn.  This is how you make a little box of unbelievably delicious caramels look even more forbidden.

Oh how I love this little red felted wool ornament, bought from the shop near the cottage to remind me that summer will indeed come again.

Not pictured: the Christmas cards I finally wrote a critical few of (aunts and uncles only I'm afraid) and will be mailing today... if the lineup at the post office isn't entirely out of hand.

I hope your Friday plans are progressing nicely and that your weekend will be relaxed and enjoyable (or at least not filled unbearably with the wrong kind of mayhem.)  See you Monday, if only to check in briefly before Christmas Day.  wheeeee!

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