Friday, August 22, 2014

Never at a loss for weekend plans

Guys: this is it.  All that remains.

This is, absolutely, the sum total of unspun fiber at my house.  Just in time for the next Twisted Fiber Art club! which I am not joining.  Not.  Because oh dear,

there is still plying to do.

You know, it is a shame I don't do sponsored posts here at Hugs because Ziploc could be paying me ever so much.  Me and every other knitter out there on the internets.  They've figured out it's not just about food, I know, because I've been buying huge Ziploc bags for storing cushions and blankets at the cottage, but I wonder - do they know how much it's knitters consuming their products?

In this application - and I do reuse the bags, incidentally, I just couldn't find any empty ones when I started this project - I am weighing each little ball of spun fiber and pairing up two to ply together based on the potential for similar yardage.  (and then I put those two into a sandwich sized Ziploc bag so I can just grab and go the next time I have half an hour free for plying.) It's an inexact science, but coming close by weight does reduce the amount of time I have to spend plying the strand from the second ball back on itself once the first ball has disappeared.

So: yes.  Plying.  Possibly forever, though it only took me a month to spin most of this stuff in the first place and plying is faster.  I guess if you define 'forever' as a week or two (which it is if you're talking chocolate- or sleep-deprivation), then this will take forever.

In mostly unrelated news, I celebrated yesterday by tidying up all the yarny projects and supplies that had to move out of their usual basement storage after the flood last December.  And you know what I found out?  Even after spinning all that fiber and reducing its size by a Wow factor of about 130?  I found out that my yarn still won't fit in my yarn storage space.

I am not doing the math or looking too closely but I probably don't have to, because after being pretty overwhelmed by all the moth-free Ziploc-packed yarn cakes I'd set aside for socks and scarves and hats... I found my basket of Stoddart socks-to-be.  There were three bags of sock kit in there.  You know, to add onto the sock kits I'm putting together with handspun Stoddart yarn.

I'll tell ya: if you've got yarn and some sticks, you'll have something to do on the weekend.  And with the yarn I've got, I am pretty sure I could be busy every weekend till retirement.

Still.  Worse things could happen, right?

Have a great weekend yourself - even if you're not knitting - and I'll see you Monday!

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