Thursday, August 7, 2014

Vacation knitting

Because they are perfect for mindless knitting in a car, my current full-length Vesper socks seem to be getting more progress than anything else.  Please don't anybody ask me what this colourway is called: I cannot for the life of me remember!  On the other hand, if you remember, please tell me.  I can't find the original paper cuff and it's torture.

[edited to add: Holiday Blitz!!!]

Did I mention I have to pack all my holiday knitting into Ziploc bags this summer, to thwart the cottage moths that tucked into my legwarmers and a pair of socks last summer?  So unattractive.

More attractive:

The fact that the stripes are lining up so nicely.  Man, am I a consistent knitter between socks, or what?  they are almost at the exact same point here and I wasn't even trying.

Anyway, they're almost at that point where you can't even justify putting them into a car any more - in my experience, toe decreases on a scenic route are a recipe for disaster - so I had to find time to knit them at the cottage, between leaps into the lake.

Cottage knitting tip:  Yahtzee is not a great game to knit by, and neither is EuchreScrabble, on the other hand?  Oh yeah.

If only I had enough letters to spell 'Liberty Lawn"... best fabric ever

Okay: off I go for another day.  Enjoy yours and I'll see you tomorrow!

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