Wednesday, August 6, 2014

When summer disrupts knitting

A lot of us notice a drop-off in enthusiasm for knitting during the summer months, and the easy conclusion to draw is that summer's warm, and knits are warm, and who wants to knit something warm when it's hot out?  Hence the steady supply of cotton and linen yarns and matching pattern ideas.  But I think there might be something more to the problem, and that is Travel.

Maybe this is not true for you but no matter how much I think I will knit on vacation, I am distracted by other things.  Like, at the cottage, getting into the lake as many times as possible in a day. 

The current pair of ribbed socklits have suffered especially from these obstacles: the ribbing made them too distracting to knit on a drive through gorgeous views, so they have taken way longer than a tiny pair of socklits should take.  Fortunately,there was an overcast and therefore super buggy (which is saying something) day up north lately that I was able to devote to finishing them.

And once I'd got them to the toes, I wanted their needles...

but for that I'd need to graft the toes and do you think I remembered to pack a good darning needle?  Of course not.  However, the little emergency kit I keep in my purse contains one that, while a little sharp for my preference, would do the job. 

(don't ask me why I didn't just pack a blunt needle in there because I already did that.  will be addressing this oversight soon.)

I'm not sure that there's anything more satisfying than the look of a freshly-grafted sock toe.

All done but for the running in of ends - YAY.

Hope summer is not disrupting any of your knitting time this week and that I see you tomorrow!

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