Monday, October 5, 2015

Finished socks

Hi again!  Sorry to be so silent but it was all in a good cause:

Yep, I finished my cousin's socks and got them over to her before she flew home again.  A whole day before!  I think I deserve a biscuit for that one.  Or a tiny black acorn.  The one in my wooden tray here was bobbing in the lake at the cottage one day and it was so fantastic I had to bring it home.

It wasn't easy to find time to knit these socks.  It's been a really crazy fall not least because of the house project.  Just living downtown is a constant distraction (but more on that later.)  Also, I've been working hard on my novel and that means less TV time, which means less sock knitting.  I had to make myself watch TV to finish, which just felt weird.

See how perfectly the stripes line up when you hold them this way?  Yeah, likely.  When you stretch them out all the way you can see they are all about the syncopated stripes.

While I was trying to make these socks happen was something else happened: Hugs clocked in with two million page views.  I'd known this was coming for a few weeks, and I was watching with interest, but when the moment came I think I was asleep - all I know is I checked one afternoon and it was close, and I checked the next day and we were over.  I did the math then and it worked out to about 1200 views for each post I've written.

Of course, we all know it doesn't work out that way - the majority of pageviews go to my patterns, most of all my Not Just For Chemo Reversible Cloche.  That thing is crazy popular!  As I type this, it's had more than 107,000 views, and Ravelry logs it in at 325 projects.  It's impossible to predict which patterns will take off and which will be sort of Meh, but it's pretty great to know people like something you made.

My cousin did like the socks, by the way,

and that's pretty great too! 

Hope you've had a wonderful few days and I'll see you tomorrow.

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