Monday, October 12, 2015

New socks, old socks

Two skeins of new Vesper arrived in my mailbox late last week:

Boardwalk Games on the left, Tomorrowland on the right

Very 'pop!' aren't they?  They will both feel incredibly cheering in February, if I can get them knit by then, which I might (if you insert 2017 for 2016.)

This has been a long weekend - it's Monday and I have been enjoying a quiet afternoon at home after a lovely walking outing this morning with Pete - and I had huge hopes for it as a peak time to catch up.  In fact Thanksgiving weekend is for me my last chance to get my space cleared up and my fall routines nailed down so I can run on autopilot.  Past experience has shown me that if I don't pull it off, I'm scrambling all the way to Christmas.

I haven't even come close, unfortunately.  I mean, I did make progress.  Among other imcomplete tasks I got out a bunch of the socks I started stress-knitting when I was supposed to be packing up the house, and assessed how much finishing needs to be done to get them into circulation for this fall to reduce laundry urgency.

But I didn't get any further than realizing that this is an odd number of socks.  No finishing whatsoever - I decided it would be enough to find the missing sock, and was relieved when I found this one in my purse.

Until I realized it doesn't actually match the single sock but starts a new pair for which I also don't have a mate handy.

(I'm sure the other two socks will turn up eventually. Sigh.)

I also tried on and washed and set aside some socks that I am sure now I knit a shoe size smaller than what I take. 

I have two friends willing to receive these gently used socks, and whose feet are smaller than mine, so it's good I think that I got these ready to pass along before the weather gets colder instead of finishing new socks for me.  Uncharacteristically selfless, but good. 

Probably though I was thinking of the space I'll save when they're gone, because I am ultimately nothing if not a selfish knitter.

So. Many. Socks.  And yet, socks are a thing I will wear daily and then must wash, and which bring me enormous comfort, and which are fun and portable to knit, and which make me feel cared for.  So maybe there really is no such thing as too many socks.

What can't you knit enough of?


Rhonda said...

Fingerless gloves!! I love knitting them and giving them to family

Mary Keenan said...

Omigosh yes Rhonda! I need to do more of those... they are great aren't they? And right now is the time of year (here) where they are the most awesome :^)