Friday, October 30, 2015

Man sock update

Well, look at this!

A sock that's nearly ready for its toe!  Yep, I got my cousin's husband's sock so far along that when Pete did a test trial I found I was ready to change colours again and start the decreases.

Before I did, though, I thought I might stop to admire how beautiful the stitches looked.  You know, bask in the glory of my accomplishments.  And that's when I saw it.

A funny little stitch that looked wrong, and proved to be a big mistake - one extra stitch added to the mix at the top of the gusset and carried all the way along the foot.  I considered ignoring it and discreetly reducing by one stitch before I went further, but these are DK weight socks, with far fewers stitches per inch than fingering-weight socks, and it's not unlikely he would feel the difference when he's wearing the pair.  So I decided to rip back just as far as I had to for the added stitch. 

Then, when I was slipping the needles back through the live stitches, 16 to a needle, I found one extra.  Another extra!


But it was true.  I must have picked up one extra stitch on that side, for the gusset.  That meant ripping all the way back to the place where I'd picked up the stitches for the heel gusset.

Officially back to the drawing board, folks.  And no idea when I will be able to finish these socks.  Good thing I love knitting with this yarn, isn't it?

And just to complicate things ever so slightly, while we were having lunch together last week I decided I should knit my friend Wayson a pair of socks this winter.  I've made him a scarf, I've made him fingerless gloves, and I made him a cowl, too, but never socks.  So as soon as I've finished these ones... I'm casting some on for him.  And also some mohair ones for Julia because something seems to be melting my selfish knitter's heart...

Either that, or I'm finally realizing I don't have space for all the yarn I have here, even in knit form?  Yeah, gotta be that.

In the meantime, hope your knitting is going more smoothly than mine!  And that you have a wonderful weekend, Hallowe'eny or not.


Mary said...

I look forward to seeing the mohair socks! I never would have thought you could do socks in mohair.

Mary Keenan said...

Well, it's mohair blend really - I read somewhere that mohair is nature's nylon and it's so true. Blend some mohair with wool and you get hard-wearing socks that are super warm and soft!