Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Socks don't let you down

Okay, a handknit sock that develops a hole is a Sad, but otherwise: finished socks are steadfast and true friends.  Yes folks - I said finished.

It took HOURS but I finally got all the ends run in!

And had a beautiful day in which to photograph them. 

It's important to remember the value of a beautiful sunshiney sky because days can be filled with disappointment and anxiety just as easily as they can with joy and accomplishment, and sometimes you need to be able to look away from the dreck and appreciate the context in which it sits. 

Normally when I see this particular collection of buildings, especially at night when I'm closing the blinds for sleepytimes, they are just standing there looking bright, but when you try to capture them all in one camera frame by tipping the lens upward they turn out to be reaching together into a cluster.  A community.

(another observation: doesn't that one little cloud on the right look like a swan dipped a little downward, as if descending to the roof of the King Edward hotel for check-in?)

It seems to me that there are things that happen, and there are things that last, like the sky and the socks on your feet.

It's good to know the difference. 

It's good to remember that when things aren't coming together the way you want them, the bigger picture is always the most important one.  And that pairs are good, in whatever form they take, including cookie pairings.

It's good to accept that your idea to cobble together yarns that don't seem like a natural fit might result in a sock that doesn't blend well visually. And that it is still functional anyway.  And that you can always unfold your jeans enough to cover up the unsightly bits.

It's good to see you are an amazing person and can do anything - because all of us are amazing, and that big sky up there leaves plenty of space for each of us to achieve what we want to achieve.  With the exception of world domination because that kinda precludes the success of others. Sorry about that, heh.

Hope your day is full of good things!  Unlike mine, which you have probably guessed is full of le crumminess - but at least I've got the perpetually pep-talking Pete in my corner, and those Man Socks still on my needles
for comfort. Gotta love good socks, right?  They just don't let you down.

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