Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Real knitting

Lately there seem to be more than a few successful Instagram users tossing glamour out the window

Sad attempt at Instagram glam
and instead posting the reality behind the airbrushing.

Even sadder attempt at UnGlam

Now, I can absolutely celebrate that for the benefit of body image, but I do think there's something to be said for aspirational photographs of inanimate things that lift your spirits and fill you with hope, don't you?

As long as looking at somebody else's beautiful knit makes you feel positive, of course.  I guess some knitters might look at a gorgeous handmade fabric and feel they will never be good enough.  I shouldn't assume that just because I don't, others won't!

Either way: if I were to post something real about my knitting life, it would be on the subject of the cleaning I don't do because I'm too busy working with fiber or at least trying to carve out time to do it.  I'm sure I've mentioned before that I hate cleaning with the passionate heat of a thousand suns, and I may also have mentioned that the worse a mess gets, the harder it is for me to turn away from my beckoning armchair and bond with my vacuum cleaner.

But I don't think I've mentioned how much dust we have in this condo.


I've never lived in a forced-air dwelling before, and maybe that's part of it.  Maybe it's that this is a multi-unit dwelling, or that it's located downtown - a friend in a building similar to and quite near ours has the same problem.  I do know that Ray noticed it when he and Al were working here, even though he was creating a lot of dust on his own most days.  There was just a lot of new dust settling on everything.

Under normal conditions - if I were going to live here indefinitely - I would adapt by eliminating all sources of clutter so dusting would be quick and easy, but with all the boxes and temporari-ness that hasn't been possible.  So to keep a nice place, I would have to be willing to vacuum at least twice a week.  I resent having to do it even once a week really.

As a result...

Nope, can't do it.  Can't post a dust bunny pictures.  Here, you can look at Claude instead.  He's aspirational,

Claude, waving shyly

and he has really, really cute feet.

Claude, admiring the woods outside

Also good insights, like maybe putting a filter into the vents so we get the temperature adjustment without the dust.  Thanks Claude!  I should've talked to you weeks ago.

Do you have a hidden Real?  Do you think it's better kept hidden so you can focus on Yum, or shared to remove the pressure?


Su said...

I have hidden dirty dishes outside before now!

Mary Keenan said...

Omigosh Su, what a genius idea!! I am totally stealing that one ;^)