Friday, November 6, 2015

The luxury of weekend knit planning

After a long, tough week, things are finally falling into place here.

Not so much that I have the energy to get excited about much-needed vacuuming - it's amazing how much dust you get with a forced air heating/air conditioning system - but enough that the current Man Socks are finally close to being finished.  It would be SO great if I could wrap them up this weekend (literally) and into the mail in time for Christmas.

And of course, if they're off the needles, I can use said needles for the mohair-blend socks I want to knit for Julia.  I finally took all my stash out of the freezer after that moth scare, but decided it's all a lighter weight and I want Julia to have a really heavy, seriously warm pair, so I was happy to find I still had this kit set up and ready to go:

I hope I don't experience physical pain parting with them when they're done though.  I really love the colours in the darker cakes!  Hope that means she will too.

While I was looking for that yarn, I thought I might browse through my options for Wayson's socks.  He wants something non-itchy, and it seems I don't have any more sport weight Playful from Twisted Fiber Art in colours that suit.  However I do have this combination, in regular sock weight, from Viola...

I first met Emily when she helped me buy the red yarn for the scarf that brought Wayson and I into friendship, so using her yarn for his socks is pretty perfect.  Thank goodness she's dyeing yarn again though because otherwise it would definitely cause me pain to gift this stuff.

Also, that yarn was in a bag with the leftovers I forgot I had from my 'orchard' colourway.  I am pretty sure it's enough for fingerless gloves. 

It's too weird and selfless for me to do three big gift knits like socks in a row and not make anything for me, don't you think?

All that will have to wait though.  Gotta get my cousin's husband's socks done first.

Wish me luck, and have a great weekend.  Hopefully with some nice knitting in it!


Su said...

So there is enough yarn then for the man socks?

Mary Keenan said...

It looks promising Sue - I haven't tested them on Pete yet though to be sure I got the length right!