Monday, November 9, 2015

A finishing frenzy

I knew things were calming down around here because I had time over the weekend to finish the Man Socks (there was enough yarn!!) and another sock too...

... but I didn't realize just how crazy things have been for me over the last eight months or so until I saw how many socks I'd knit and not finished.

Holy plethora of colours, Batman.  I remember the frantic sock action, the desperate need for plain knitting to calm me down so I could get through all the packing and shedding and condo renovation and construction preparation.  But it had to be pretty bad if I couldn't even get around to running in the ends for the moral victory of a finished pair - not just once or twice but more like ten times.

I've been weeding out socks that are a bit too short for me and the gap in my supply, combined with cooler temperatures, means I really need to get these new longer ones ready for their first bath.  Still: when you have this many, it takes forever.

I got two and a half pairs done: barely a dent.

Never mind all the ends I have to deal with, I still have to graft a bunch of toes!

And get half of one pair all the way to its heel before I can even finish the foot.

Its pair's toe is grafted, and here this one sits, waiting for another movie outing.

Still, it's progress.  I have all the mostly-done socks out of their various storage cubbies, and I have a plan, and a quiet nest for nighttime knitting, and a lot of costume dramas on DVD to keep me occupied while I knock down the To Do list.

Speaking of which: there are about six productive weeks left till Christmas.  Should I even try some Christmas knits this time, I wonder?  I mean, it's not Christmas without at least some handmade, is it - even in a renovation year?


Su said...

At least you can still knit! I seem to have lost any ability I had. I have frogged so many projects it's unreal. I am currently attempting a very simple pair of bed socks, let's see what happens!
All those colours together in the bowl (?) look so very cheery, just what a body needsat this time of year.

Mary Keenan said...

Ugh, I've gone through that Su - eyes bigger than my stomach, except in knitting terms. Especially when I have design ideas, arg. So many are just the most terrible disasters and never even make it to Hugs at all ;^) Here's hoping the bed socks are a win!