Thursday, July 21, 2016

Spinning at the cottage

Just before we left for a longer-than-usual stay at the cottage, new fiber arrived from the Twisted Fiber Art club:

and oh, man.  I love these colours.  As soon as I touched it, without reading the label, I knew it was my favourite fiber.  There is nothing else that feels the way Blue-Faced Leicester feels.

I made myself finish the first installment from the club before I got going on it, and then I debated how best to handle the braid.  Two, three, or four strips?  I opted for two, so I'd get a very long run of the main colour repeat without doubling it, the way you do with four strips.

The thing I forgot about that is, when you are spinning - what, 57 grams of fiber? - you are going to be sitting in your chair a very long time before you're done.  I'm used to spinning a quarter of a braid at a time. Well, I was used to spinning that much... I haven't done that in two years, which seems astonishingly long, and my body is definitely out of practise.  I didn't realize how much of my body is engaged when I spin, especially when I'm keeping my left knee steady so I can rest my phone on my leg and read from the Kindle app while I spin.

Plus, it turns out that Diane's chair - a very petite wooden rocker favoured by our longtime neighbour when she drops by for a visit - is not as comfortable as I remember.  Wood gets harder, right?  It's not just me? (please tell me it's not me.)

It took a couple of days, but I finally finished.  Even our new windup robot, Lilliput, was impressed.

and then dismayed, because I have to do it all over again now.  aiiieeeee

My sentiments exactly, Lilliput...

In other news:

I'm not even going to try to post tomorrow, because after a prolonged period of logistical Tetris I was able to organize having our new furniture delivered to the condo at 9am.  Since we're not getting back there ourselves till tonight, and I hadn't managed to clear a landing spot for said furniture before we left for the cottage, and to do that we have to dismantle some other furniture to bring back up to the cottage Saturday morning (thank goodness I've been able to make space for it here), as well as shift some furniture that has to stay and be accessible, there will be neither knitting to talk about nor space to set up for typing.

So: have a wonderful weekend, and I'll see you again on Monday!

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