Thursday, July 28, 2016

What chompy socks eat

Ever since I introduced the chompy sock some time ago, I am pretty sure you've all been wondering: What do chompy socks eat?  Because of course, all sock knitters want their chompy socks to grow up to be healthy and hardwearing, and all non-sock knitters want to know what to keep away from their friends who knit socks. 

The answer?  Rocks.

Well, obviously, not just rocks.   My chompy socks seem to be willing to try to eat anything within range.  But I noticed on the weekend a very strong determination by this travel sock to consume one particular rock.

That was disappointing because the rock had just come come up from the lake, near the shoreline, where some glittery bits had caught the imagination of a relaxed and inquisitive bather.  The glittery bits don't show up on camera apparently, but trust me: they were there.  Also, it was such a nice square shape. 

Maybe the chompy sock mistook it for a brownie square, or a piece of fudge?  Or not.  I mean, chompy socks are many things but sugar-happy does not appear to be one of them.  And look how neat and colourful its stripes are now, too:

That is a well-fed sock.

So now you know.  Hide your favourite lake rocks when socks get to the chompy stage, and all shall be well!


Laurinda said...

I really do love your sock photos 😊 They're always such happy looking socks

Mary Keenan said...

They always feel happy inside, too!