Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Spinning denial

So much for doing this year's Tour de Fleece!  My spinning wheel is out and I have spun two of the three strands of roving I got from Twisted Fiber Art's latest club...

... but I haven't been able to make myself do the third.

I'm either in denial, or feeling passive aggressive.  Probably both.

The tension peg on my wheel sort of moved at some point in the last year when I wasn't using it, and I've forgotten where it normally sits.  I thought I got it right but when I was winding the second section into a ball I noticed something terrible:

It is HUGELY overspun.  I mean, you want a little bit of excess energy in a single, but we are talking crazypants overspun here.  It's going to corkscrew around the other singles beyond the beyond when I go to ply them together.  Plus, who's to say I won't overspin next time too?

So naturally, I am doing the sensible thing and not spinning the last section at all.  If I don't spin it, I don't have to ply, and I won't ever face the consequences of not paying attention to what I was doing.  Perfectly sensible.

Oh dang... I should just spin it, shouldn't I.  It's too pretty to ignore!

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