Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday plus new yarn plus new spinning fiber equals yay

Last week I had a 'moment' which resulted in a second skein of Vesper sock yarn arriving in my mailbox with the current yarn club offering:

Oops.  Actually I'm not sure why I had to have this.  I think I may have been in a weak moment after trying to figure out how to get some extra support for my aunt?  Anyway Oasis is here now and I think I will really enjoy knitting stripes in white, kelly green, grey, yellow, pink, and bottle blue.  How on earth does Julia pack in all those colours?  Is that a darker green in there too??

The actual club yarn is called Let's Dance and, since I have been watching for a yarn with a purple stripe, it seems likely that I will knit this skein for Jan (once I figure out how long to make the foot on her socks.)  I say this, and I'm looking at the stripe in this photograph and thinking there is no purple in there, but there is most definitely a purple when you're looking at this yarn in real life.  It's the bit that looks like blue.

Jan and her husband were supposed to come up to the cottage this weekend but they were only really coming for an afternoon and overnight, and it turned out the afternoon part plus the entire next day is to be thunderstormy, which kind of makes six hours of driving less appealing to them.  So: next year.  But that means I have to find some other time to get her to try on a finished sock in the size I make for myself to see how well it fits her.

Actually, we're not super inclined to do six hours of driving to sit inside and watch the rain, either, even though we were also planning to eat raspberry pie, which is not available in the city.  I have a strong feeling we would regret staying home, but Pete has a strong feeling he will regret not staying home where we have air conditioning and he has a very good point: every other time it has been hot and rainy at our cottage (or just hot), it's really hard to sleep.

If we stay home, I can play with this:

it's the last installment of the Twisted Fiber Art club I couldn't stop myself from joining this summer, and it's 50% silk, so yum to that.

(I should have titled this post, "Mary has no willpower whatsoever", shouldn't I.)

(Yeah, the bunny endorses that conclusion, what with being evidence of last year's lack of willpower.)

Anyhoo, since I promised myself I would spin the fiber from this club very quickly, which is to say within days of its arrival, I could take advantage of being in the city with my wheel to make good on that commitment.

Or I could nap,
or clean up the condo, which still looks like the site of a not very recent explosion of paper,
or just watch TV and knit through the chompy sock I'm working on,
or go to the Farmer's Market and toy with the idea of buying ingredients for some form of pie,
or read through my new decorating magazine,
or - did I say nap?  Because I would totally enjoy a nap.

Hope you have a great weekend whatever you end up doing, and I'll see you Monday!


Mary said...

Hi Mary! I've been following you for quite a while now and really enjoy your posts. I am taking an online class through Gale Courses (United States) on Blogging and Podcasting which, as a requirement (yep, you guessed it) has us creating our own blog and doing a podcast. I'm nervous but excited at the same time. I haven't been sure what I want to do for my blog, but after reading your most recent posts I think the blog will be a knitting blog interspersed with other details of my life, i.e., reading, swimming, librarianship (yep, I'm a librarian) and the life around me. I take inspiration from your blog and how you write about your passion and yet you are also passionate about writing. I will let you know when I'm up and running. I would love your feedback if you have time!

Mary Keenan said...

That is so exciting Ziggyknits! I have been wanting to add a podcast for about a year but I've been so sidetracked by the house construction and everything that goes with... it's good to know my blog is something people enjoy reading because MAN, you just never know if what you're writing about is even interesting. So many home decor posts that don't get written because I'm sure they will be a bore, heh. Keep me posted about the blog and also how you're setting up your podcast :^)