Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A good place for artists

While we were in Bancroft last week we stopped into a used bookstore with a small display of prints by local artists, and I couldn't leave without this framed print of three chickadees in a snow-covered tree:

I suppose it might look a bit weird to me in summer and fall, but it just called out to be hung over my desk in the new house, so I can look at these cute birds all the time and imagine ridiculous things they're saying to each other, the way I do with my embarrassingly large collection of Jellycat rabbits.

There's always more room for cute in my world.

This is the same shop where I found the birch tree print I showed you yesterday, by the same artist - Ketha Newman.

I'm looking forward to seeing this framed and hung up somewhere in the house... we will have very little wall space for art, but the birch is so narrow I am certain to find a place to tuck it in.  And I know I will stop often wherever we do hang it, to look at all the little details she painted.

The week before, we had an early supper at the local fish and chips shop (so, so delicious) and our server, who is a potter, mentioned that she settled in Bancroft later in life, after living in Toronto and Prince Edward County.  She said she never felt quite at home until she found Bancroft, and I agreed - there's just something about it that's especially lovely.

A river runs through town and that helps, I think - rivers are always moving, which is mesmerizing to sit beside.  Also, the hills and forest surrounding it are incredible, like nothing else.  I took pictures and posted them last summer so if you missed that and want to see what I mean, click here.

The day I found the prints we'd gone back for another meal at the fish and chip shop and I bought one of Saidie's pottery pieces - just a simple leaf that could serve as a dish or just something lovely to hold in your hand.

Saidie will be participating in a studio tour this fall in the Bancroft area, along with Ketha, and I wish we could go... maybe we will, if the timing works out.

As for the little leaf dish?  Sadly its future is pretty utilitarian...

But I will get to look at it and hold it every day, and that's how art should be treated, don't you think?

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