Monday, August 8, 2016

Socks - the stage after Chompy

I have some jigsaw puzzle progress to show you today but first, let's explore the developmental stage after the Chompy Sock.  We haven't given enough airtime to the adorable, endlessly cheerful Smiley Sock:

I love this stage.  Especially if it happens on a car trip, because as much as Smiley Socks are super excited and happy about everything that is happening around them, they love the view out of a car window even more than the average dog does. 

You can practically see this one drooling, can't you?

But seriously, this stage is great because you've turned the heel and finished the gusset and you're on to plain old leg.

I so enjoy the way Vesper stripes get wide on the heel flap and then shrink back down to narrow, as if by magic, and not just the addition of twice as many stitches again.

Speaking of magic, the jigsaw puzzle that obsessed me so last weekend got a big boost on Saturday.  For some reason, I could not leave that thing alone!

The swimming weather has been amazing, so I am hating myself every time I pick up a piece to put it into the picture.  And picking up the next piece anyway.

There's loads more progress today - the posts on the pier are done, and the boys are fully connected at last (that poor dad, with the floating arm syndrome, is all better now) but can you see that missing piece on the dad's upper knee?


I mean, nowhere to be found.  We had to move the puzzle a couple of times and I am pretty sure that piece was loose and fell down, but we can't find it under any of the furniture.

So I'm wondering, given that we are staying up here for most of the week for our last 'long stay' before we close up for this year (there are still a couple of weekends before that sad day, but that's not nearly enough to suit me), do I finish the puzzle knowing it will never be fully finished?

Now that any dark blue pieces belong for sure in one tiny area of pants, and all that's left is the white white sky, do I bother?

Can I put this thing away and have my coffee table and knitting time back?

I guess I'll know in the morning, when I either gravitate back to Sky Duty or get to work on any of the other more useful projects around here.

Fun loon story: it's incredibly quiet on the lake this week, which means fewer boats out in our section of it, which means that tonight I felt safe quietly swimming and drifting quite far out into the middle.  All of a sudden, I noticed a loon swimming along quite near me.  It was so much bigger than I expected!  And so beautiful.  Pete joined me and we watched it for a long time, until it tipped over and went under water.

Whenever we've seen a loon do this from our vantage point on the dock, Pete tracks its possible progress in all directions for as long as it takes to resurface.  So, we know that a loon can swim a really, REALLY long way before coming back up for air.

And let me tell you, there is something more than a little unnerving about swimming out in the middle of a lake knowing a giant hungry loon could be heading your way as your legs dangle around beneath the surface.  Forget how scary Jaws was when it came out.

BEAKS, people.  BEAKS.

We never did see it pop back up.  I wonder if it's still out there, waiting for us to come back out in the morning?

(ps, if I don't come back for another post any time soon, it's probably not the result of a horrific man-eating loon attack.  it will be because I've been so ridiculously relaxed on this trip, it's taken me three days even to pull out anything resembling a computer to type on.  hope you're having a great week yourself!)

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