Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A view for a Tuesday

A couple of weeks ago Pete and I were urged by a very nice lady in Bancroft, Ontario to turn right just a little north of where we were, and drive up a very very steep and twisty road, and hike a short trail - all so we could see the view from up there.

As you may recall, I am super uncomfortable with heights and it didn't help that the angle of the steep and twisty road was very similar to that used by airplanes taking off.  Thankfully there is a good viewing area built onto the edge of the rocky outcropping at the end of the trail, with a nice high railing and even a long bench for anybody who might be exhausted from the hike.  (not me, for once! though it did feel safer to sit way back there on the bench.)

The viewing structure was especially welcome because look:

Straight down, my friends.  A little further south there is a similar rock face at similar elevation but no vegetation, and if you drop into the Tim Horton's on Bancroft's main street and sit at the window with your coffee, you can watch rock climbers making their way upward while feeling enormously grateful that your idea of a good hobby is knitting.

Still, once you get used to the Canadian Shield coming up quite so much higher than it does at places like the cottage, where lake water just laps comfortingly over it, the view is pretty spectacular and uplifting.

Especially with clouds overhead filtering light in a moving pattern down over the fields and forests.

Our planet is incredibly lovely, don't you think?

Hope you find something beautiful to look at today and I'll see you tomorrow.

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