Friday, August 14, 2015

If socks could talk

I have a sock at the chompy stage, and you know I can never resist that.

"Hi other sock! You know what, she is totally going to finish me in the car this weekend!"


"Yep!  Definitely getting done.  I might even get grafted before you do.  Whoosh!  That's me zipping past you and first into the fall sock drawer."

"Maybe.  Or maybe I'll get grafted before she even packs for the weekend.  You know she wants my needles for the pair coming after us."

"Oh dang.  I really wanted to get finished before you.  I mean, she's made me wait so long."

"I know, I know.  But she loves you a lot and she did take you to see that movie she really liked."

"Which one?"

"I have no idea.  I just know you saw one."

"Well, I guess that's something."

"It's big something.  Here, let me give you a hug."

"Aw, thanks."

"No problem. It doesn't really matter which of us gets finished first because she's going to be wearing us together for a long time."


"Yep, we're a team.  And she'll take good care of us, too.  No holes for ages.  We're going to see a whole lot of the inside of those boots, I promise."

"Boots are so exciting.  I can't wait!"

"Just another couple of months, buddy.  You can make it."

"You know she's totally finishing me this weekend in the car, right?"

Or maybe they discuss Nietzsche.

That said: I am TOTALLY getting the second sock done in the car.  And probably not making it back here on Monday because I have a super busy three days coming up.  I'll try though.  Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for hanging out with me all week!

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