Thursday, August 13, 2015

Another house update

We have a roof!

Well, we've had a roof for a little while, but I didn't get to see it in person till this week.  It's very pretty and I like the pitch. It was a little worrying to me of little faith when I was just looking at the drawings.

You know when you do this sort of project you don't want to be getting ideas halfway through, but sometimes opportunities arise.  Like, we were adamant we didn't want to put a door from the kitchen to the back yard because the only place to put it was onto our 25 year old (at least) lilac bush.  That plant has brought so much joy and fragrance into the house every spring, and it's what sealed the deal for Pete when I wanted us to buy the place, and we wanted to protect it at almost all costs.

But then, when Ray opened up the walls in the basement and saw the state they were in, he decided that interior waterproofing was not going to cut it, and we'd have to go with exterior.  Had it not been a basement leak that led to Pete deciding a renovation was now necessary many tears might have been shed because... exterior waterproofing meant digging up our lilac.  Plus hello, expense?  But you have to roll with the punches and we went for it.  And the waterproofers were able to save some of the lilac, so, yay!

Upshot is: the lilac is no longer planted against our foundation, so we decided to put in a door after all.

Which means we get a deck.  A deck that must be designed, a process which reminds me why haven't had one all these years - it'll block our basement windows, it'll hog the yard, it'll waste space underneath unless we take stairs down and build it at ground-ish level, it will be a drag to cut grass around unless we landscape it which means still more loss of yard, it will cast shadow on the only sunny patch we have, we will have to Make Longstanding Decisions which I really hate doing... bleah.

On the upside, apart from having a barbeque and being able to take the heat outside at suppertime in summer, a deck will be SO PRETTY to look at from the kitchen, don't you think?  Even if I don't use it a lot, which I don't really expect to unless I get a big umbrella for shade and solve some other bug and noise issues we have back there and source some kind of outdoor carpet so I don't drop knitting needles down into the abyss below it - hey, you know it'll happen.  But can you imagine the photo opportunities for Hugs if we can drape it with lovely plants??

Okay, that's it for me today - lots of packing up to do for our last proper weekend at the cottage.  After this, we're doing a three-part close which I hope is less awful than it sounds because shudder.

Take care and I'll see you tomorrow!

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