Friday, August 28, 2015

Fall sock, falling

After all the bright of the last sock, I decided to spend some time on something more restful and cast on this colourway, whose name I forget already:

I love the combination here - I mean, I love. it.  Even at this point, I started imagining a room pulled together with furniture and accents in these colours, which frankly is as good an approach to interior decorating as any.  Why not use a sock as inspiration?

Anyway, I knit some of it at the cottage before the long drive home, and then off we went.  We left late in the day, so some of the drive was in the dark, and that's basically the travel equivalent of movie knitting because Pete prefers I don't have some random flashlight flickering around beside him as he drives on the highway, go figure.  Thankfully we got stuck in a very long jam leading up to some major overnight construction, so I tucked in an extra forty-five minutes or so of crawling past overhead lights that kept me on pace. 

It shows:

Well, it mostly shows, since I showed you the good side there.  See, it's inevitable that I will mess up some stitches in the dark.  I'll miss knocking the old stitch over a new one and knit into both on the next round without feeling the difference under my fingertips, or I'll just out and out drop a stitch, which usually I do notice but can't easily address without light.  In this case I caught myself, and I just had to stop knitting till I could get home and fix it.

This particular patch of Ouch was a combination problem that took some time to repair, but I got there eventually...

... and then it was on to checking all around for other messes that require dropping stitches a long way down and then laddering them back up again.  So much easier to do that sort of thing before you have a heel flap and gusset decreases to contend with.

This is where the sock sits today, and I am more in love than ever.  These are not my colours, brown isn't even 'fashionable' aka easy to find in local home decorating shops right now, and there are no rooms at the house not already committed to a particular colour family.  Still: love how peaceful I feel looking at this setup.  Maybe my office, if I don't put a vintage red stripe schoolhouse light in there?

I'll ponder that while you go have a great weekend.  We are closing the cottage on ours, and not finishing till late on Monday, so if I miss you that day I'll make it back Tuesday and then all should be back to normal with my posting schedule.

Take care and I'll see you soon!


Laurinda said...

These are what I use at the movies, or in the car. I slide them up my left index finger, & I put painter's tape over most of it, so they aren't offensive.

Mary Keenan said...

Oh my goodness, I think I actually have some of those things kicking around the house Laurinda! Never thought of using one that way. Thanks so much for the tip... we're doing another night drive in a couple of days and if I can find one, I am TOTALLY bringing it along ;^)