Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Well that's a relief

Today, the first shipment of the new Vesper club yarn arrived - you know, with the new yarn base I've been so scared about?

And in addition to being a really fabulous colour combination, as always (Beach Glass, so sweet) it looks very similar to the 100% merino Julia was using before.  I knew I didn't need to worry really, but I'm programmed to worry and this is a huge relief.

Can you tell which strands are the new yarn and which is the original?

They all look very similar to me.  But the blue just to the right of the orange strand on top is an older yarn.  I won't have to change needle size or stitch count at all.

I may have to knit faster though, because the new yarn is even softer than the original. 

mmmmm, soft socks.

Hope you've had a nice surprise today too and I'll see you tomorrow!

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