Friday, August 7, 2015

Knitting happens

I'm not sure what went on the last few days at the cottage... was it that we watched a movie on a laptop one chilly evening instead of playing cribbage, perhaps?  All I know is, I seem to have more of a sock.

Much more.

Yep, that's a toe decrease.  Whole sock nearly done!  And its mate is... all the way done.

Except for the grafting, which I don't really count at the cottage.  I don't have a darning needle up here to do it with. Note to self: bring a knitting kit to the cottage next year, to leave on site.

So the question is, do I finish the toe before I do anything else?  You would think Yes, but there's another attractive option.

I could curl up to read more verse from 'I Knead My Mommy, and other poems by kittens'. 

(if you haven't come across it already, this is a really, REALLY funny book by Francesco Marciuliano, author of the endearingly titled I Could Pee On This, which is poems by cats.  Cats more elegant than my late feline companion, who once left editorial comment in solid form on a recently completed manuscript, just before I mailed it.  Oh how I wish I had listened to her...)

 But really, I should do the toe first. 

Ha! done.

And now I think I've earned a nice relaxing weekend.  Hope you get one too - see you Monday!

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