Saturday, October 15, 2016

New yarn - last look

The weather is turning so fast now I wanted to share a double Last Look - new yarn from Vesper, and the incredible floral bounty of the garden outside my window.

After a long series of club yarns that featured zero purple, I got another one recently which makes three in a row.  How can I possibly choose which stripey is the best for socks for my purple-obsessedloving friend Jan?

And also, how did our condo's terrace garden manage to burst forth with such enthusiasm?  I remember not too long ago seeing brick along the face of this particular bed, and now it's just cascading leaves and blooms.

Plants: they grow up so fast.

Our back-yard garden at home is just weeds.  I saw Doris yesterday and she asked to see pictures of the house.  I showed her one with a lot of green in it plus an aluminum storage shed and said, "Here's our back yard," and she said, "Are those weeds?" and I said "Oh yes."  If they were climbing weeds, they would have devoured the entire aluminum shed by now, as well as the appliances we ended up deciding not to put back into the house. 

Naturally, I am taking vast comfort in the loveliness of the terrace garden at the condo, which requires no maintenance by me apart from forking over some money every month.  Yesterday I noticed one of our maintenance team polishing the brass of our address letters at the front door and thought, I will never, ever be able to give our house as much attention as this condo building gets.  It is so beautiful.

As is this yarn....

I need to cake yarn for Jan's socks, if I'm going to make her a pair for Christmas.  Judging by what I got done over the summer, in my reduced state I am still kicking out a pair of socks every month, and there are a little more than two months till I have to wrap gifts... so even if I finish knitting my hat and my stripey fingerless gloves (which I really need to do so I can write up that pattern and share it with you) I should be able to make gift socks happen.  Once I make time for the caking.

I really like these tall soft grasses in the terrace garden and would like to plant some in tall planters at the house, to soften our fence and blur the top edge.  I'm also partial to this crazy tall flower that Jan immediately identified (she is responsible for the terrace garden in her building) but I think it's a bit too spiky for me, and sun-loving for our mostly-shady yard.

And check this out:

Something about this plant area always makes me think of the gardens we saw in Miami, the year we went to visit my cousin and her husband when he was assigned there.

(I've never been back because OMIGOSH the turbulence on the flight down, along the coast.  but I do remember the incredible greenery you get when the temperatures are warm year-round.)

Anyway: new yarn arriving on the brink of cold weather.  Is there anything more poignant yet full of promise?

I feel pretty sure Last Look is the right yarn for Jan, but I am out of the habit of trusting my judgement without wheelbarrows full of research, so I took this picture of the three candidates and e-mailed it to her to see which she liked.

Guess what?  It was Last Look.

Have a great weekend all, and let's hope we each get in some knitting time!

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