Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The accidental sock

I mentioned the other day I've been knitting my own socks instead of Wayson's, so I thought I'd show you how that's going...

Going going gone.  There's so little left to do and I am relieved because I am getting quite anxious to wear these socks after looking at them growing slowly bigger all this time.

For some reason, I am thinking that they will feel even more amazing on me than they look on my needles, which is saying something, because I have been super smitten with the way these stripes look together.  I know I mentioned they incorporate the colours of our house and maybe that's part of it.  I don't have green though, except a splash in the Sanderson 'Amanpuri' fabric I picked for drapes in my office, and maybe the living room.

Although... Doris and I agree that this Sanderson 'Roslyn' print in green is a must-have, if only I had a place to put it where it actually made sense with the other stuff in the room. 

Okay, the Amanpuri print is closer to the sock-stripe green as can be but I love it SO MUCH.  Maybe it's a Sign.  A sign that we'd need an addition, because these colours really go with nothing else in our house.

And now: back to the sock.  Do you find you and stop and stare at your knitting stitches for minutes at a time, marveling at how neatly they tuck together?  I do.

With this pair of socks I was especially conscious of the tidiness of a heel gusset, too...

Even from the inside, the construction is just so orderly.  It makes me feel so calm and cheerful.

Okay, time for me to stop writing and start knitting because the toe of this sock is SO close now, it's a shame to make it wait.  Even if I am supposed to be knitting Wayson's socks.

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