Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What's in that knitting bag

The other day I got really obsessive about finishing the grey/blue/beige/green/white socks, and I carted them with me everywhere the better to knit whenever possible.  Amazingly, this strategy resulted in a completed toe!

(apart from the grafting because I am not doing that while perched on a pew in the newly completed Cathedral-Basilica here in Toronto. Or on a bus platform for that matter, not that I was on a bus platform that particular day, but just to continue the theme of Places I Don't Want To Go Dropping My Darning Needle.)

Anyway I got home and was dancing around singing YAYYYYYY because finishing one pair means my needles are free for casting on something else, like Christmas socks for Jan, once I make the time to wind the most-purple skein into twin yarn cakes.


I unzipped the knitting bag that is the current sock's companion and instead of a completed sock...

... I found an Emergency Sock, all ready for the next time I am stuck somewhere I don't want to be for a few hours, while trying to preserve my smartphone battery.

And you know what?  Even though I love these colours and consequently have really enjoyed knitting the other sock, I kept my feelings to myself and just rezipped the bag and put it away.  And then I got out these socks...

... which I promised Wayson last winter and should really finish before I cast on for Jan anyway.

I hope I am going to have enough new socks for myself this winter, just in case it turns out to be as cold and miserable as everybody says it will be.  I think I might because everywhere I look from my big armchair there seems to be a random sock just waiting for a grafted toe, or run in ends, or wet blocking. 

(I really need to schedule some time for nothing but sock-wrangling.  Surely that's at least as important as reserving the primer for the painter who'll be taking over the house in a couple of weeks?)

But back to Wayson's socks: they are so much farther along than I remembered.  The big silver pin marks the end of the heel gusset and the start of the 5" I need to knit before I can start the colour change for the toe decreases...

... but that second, small, brass pin?  I have no clue  Zero.  Crickets, if you will.  I remember setting these socks aside in despair because I had knit a purl stitch a long way back, and I did find a tiny crochet hook in the same bag which suggests I either fixed the problem or was about to, and the socks look okay now, so maybe I left the pin in to mark the trouble spot which is no longer any trouble?

Ugh, this is why it's best not to jump between projects or, you know, not knit for weeks at a time.

Anyway: I am persevering.  And you know what?  Looking at these pictures, I am SO twitchy wanting to get back to work on the 'emergency' sock.  I find those colours so soothing, and - I don't know whether you've noticed this in your own complicated life, but - there is never enough soothing, heh.

Crossing my fingers that I'll see you again tomorrow.  Hope you're having a lovely week though, either way!

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